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My app

[The Basic!]

Name: Isary
Age: 14
Location: Miami
Status: single
Orientation: straight
One interesting fact about you: Im allergic to cats and dogs

[Your Favorties!]
bands/singers: AAR, The killers, weezer, my chemical romance, 3doors down, sum 41, yellow card, coldplay,
movies: The notebook, she's all that, meet the parents, mean girls, rush hour 2
tv shows: The O.c, summerland, one tree hill, 7th heaven, gilmore girls, america's next top model
books: Harry potter, alice books by loise lowry, the babysitter, full tilt, dr franklins island
actors/actresses: chad mm, geoge clooney, brad pii, josh hartnett, beanjamin mckenzie
foods: spaghetti, mint bchocolate chip ice cream

[Your Opinions!]
[please pick at least 3 to answer thoroughly]

Gay Marriage:I am all for gay marriages you can't choose or help who you fall in love with and one of my pet peeves is those who say omg thats disgusting! to gay or lesbians because they have just as much right as anybody else to get married to whom they choose and everyone should accept them.

Abortion:I think it depends, if you had unprotected sex and knew the consequences and you got pregnant then its your fault and you should not kill an innocent life for your mistake and if you dont want the child then put it up for adoption as simple as that! Yet if a girl has been raped then they have the right to have an abortion.

The OC: One of my favorite shows as you can see.
Chad Michael Murray: Do I really have to answer this? He is effing gorgeous. But besides that he is very talented and act fantastic.
The War in Iraq:
Lindsey Lohan:
Marijuana Legalization:

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