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*Because I'm sugary sweet*

[The Basic!]

Name: ♥ Courtney ♥
Age: 19
Location: Ohio - not so exciting
Status: Single at the moment
Orientation: I loooove the boys =)
One interesting fact about you: I've moved a total of 11 times in my life

[Your Favorties!]
bands/singers: Maroon 5, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson, The Ataris
movies: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Remember the Titans, Billy Madison, Ladder 49
tv shows: The OC, Real World, Battle of the Sexes, Law & Order:SVU
books: The Five People You'll Meet in Heaven
actors/actresses: Kate Hudson, Denzel Washington, Will Ferrel
foods: Mac n' Cheese, chicken tenders, mashed potatoes

[Your Opinions!]
[please pick at least 3 to answer thoroughly]

Bush: I voted for him. Personally I think he did a good job during his first term and took care of things very well considering the circumstances.
Gay Marriage: Whatever floats their boat. If two people love each other, their sex shouldn't keep them from being able to be married.
Abortion: I'm completely against it. Period.
The OC: LOOOOOOVE it. Adam Brody = hottness =)
Chad Michael Murray: He's hot ... although I don't really like his character on One Tree Hill
The War in Iraq: I'm obviously not in favor of it, but if it's necessary then I will support it. I also have an insane amount of respect for the soldiers that are putting their lives on the line for our country every single day. They are true heroes.
Lindsey Lohan: Ehh, I'm not a big fan
Marijuana Legalization: I think that it could be beneficial in some ways since it can be used for medication in some cases, but it would also cause a lot of problems with people using it in illegal ways.

Promote in 3 places. provide links, they will be checked!! :

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^in the pink
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promote like crazy
banners not working right now sorry babe
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
altough you are already accepted i still want to vote!!

++your abortion answer
++you are so totally sweet by youyr application
++++ i would lvoe to be your friend you seem so nice!!
+++ u r as SWEET AS SUGAR!!

lol.. congrats!!
awww thanks. add me?
of course !! when i saw you added me i was like who is this then i rememebred .. like aa im so smart aint i? lol but w.e you are added!! no porblem! <3