Pamela (modelike) wrote in sweet__as_sugar,

because im sugary sweet


Name: Pamela
Age: 13 [im sorry im not old enough but my friend reccommended it!]
Location: seattle!
Status: single
Orientation: boys
One interesting fact about you: i've never had stitches before =)

3 Favorite*

bands/singers: jessica simpson, reba mcentire [i love country music <3], & eminem [ i like all types of music - depends on my mood]
movies: pretty woman [ i love julia roberts! ], crazy/beautiful, dirty dancing havana nights
tv shows: the oc, laguna beach [when it was on], & the inferno 2 [im a mtv/vh1 tv junkie!]
books: all the "sisterhood of the traveling pants", all the harry pooter books [=)], & flyy girl
actors/actresses: julia roberts
foods: i love tacos <3

(please pick at least three to answer thoroughly)

Gay Marriage: 
love is love. it shouldn't matter on your gender or anything else. if you're in love then you should be together.
Abortion: i dont like it. killing a baby because you're stupid and had sex it ridiculous. i only think its okay with rape. if you dont want your baby pu it up for adoption.
The OC:
Chad Michael Murray:
The War in Iraq:
Lindsey Lohan:
i like lindsay lohan. i think she' gorgeous and talented. she just party's wayy too much. but she's 18, who can blame her.
Marijuana Legalization:

The Fun Stuff*

please promote in three places (one may be a promotion community)
provide links, they will be checked!! :



wanna be a co-mod? yes! i have owned 3 communities...2 of them got suspended with my old lj. sad!! i know. but now i'm the mod at le__alluirng JOIN IT!

Please put at least four pictures of yourself if your with another person say which one you are

i havent taken picss in soo long! these are sorta old. sorry =/

blah. i look so tired.

on the right, i hate my smile =/

like i said these are all really crappy pics of me! when i take more ill post them <3.


&& i'm bored so i made this...sorry its not that good. i can do way better <3

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